6 Reasons Why Amish Furniture Is Heirloom Furniture

Amish made furniture is nearly synonymous with beautiful, high quality, long lasting furniture that lasts for generations. There are many reasons why, if you want the best quality furniture, Amish furniture is the way to go – here are just 6 of those reasons, why Amish furniture is such a great investment:

1. Amish furniture is made using the best quality hard woods and other raw material. There is none of that cheap quality material that mass produced furniture uses. Slow growing wood is also the most durable kind for furniture and hence this kind of furniture is known to last literally for generations. It https://fk-vintage.com/purchase/shoun/
is the particle board and the ply wood that manufacturers use, that produce low quality furniture that won’t last – it will chip and crack and fall apart before too long, whereas with Amish furniture you know you have the sort of thing that is built to withstand long use and still look good. The pieces of wood are always selected with care to see that the right size and type of wood is used for the item being built.

2. The Amish still make furniture the way that it was a long time ago – using few mechanized implements and using the same hand tools that have been used over the ages. Each item of furniture is lovingly created by hand, and bears no resemblance to the bland, mass produced, assembly line furniture we have grown used to seeing. The finishing is always done by hand that imparts a distinctive, and exclusive appearance to the furniture. Since the processes of sanding and polishing are done by hand, they impart that long lasting sheen to the furniture.

3. In addition to all this, the Amish still use the time honored methods of making the furniture – they use dovetail joinery, for very long lasting furniture that won’t come apart. Also the typical mortise and tenon joinery that they use, helps to fuse together the wood without making use of nails, screws etc. These methods of furniture making have a long and time honored history.

4. The furniture that the Amish produce is the sort that has classic designs. These never look or feel dated and seem never to go out of style. And this is another important reason why you can literally hand down pieces of furniture from one to another generation.