App Gamification- A Powerful Strategy to Beat Competitors

Developers have to make a lot of efforts to make their app reachable to the targeted audiance. But even if developers are successful in their efforts, uninstalling an app takes just second. Developers have to a build creative appĀ that not only tend to engage the user longer on a per session basis,er but users are motivated to return again and again.



What is App Gamification

App Gamification is a concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to the app to engage and motivate users to achieve their goals.



Learn how to gamify the app


Points can prove as a powerful user motivators. According to human psychology, people like to earn and collect points. Depending on the depth of gamification logic inside the app, points can also be used as a type of in-app currency.


People have a natural tendency to display an achieved proficiency. Levels are the digital equivalent of a belt in martial arts, a rank in the Army, or the title on a business card.