Hypnosis: Fiction and Facts

It’s that time again. I get a call from a prospective client, or I’m at a party, and someone finds out that I’m a hypnotists. What happens to me, your friendly neighborhood hypnotist? Panic? No. Open up the hypnosis part of brain and start toungue flapping? Yup.

A large part of what goes into a successful session (whether entertaining people at a party or bar, or iMichael Emery
Michael J. Emery

n a serious consulting room setting), is the client’s understanding of just what is about to happen.

Often people ask me, “will I have to speak Martian or dance like a chicken?” Only if you really want to!

What follows is a part of what I explain to clients, or prosective, party-going chickens about the process of hypnosis. May you enjoy, be informed, and prosper fom the information.

Hypnosis FAQ’s

What can hypnosis do for me? Almost anything! Well, almost.

The application of hypnosis can range from remedial (changing a habit, eliminating a phobia or anxiety, mind-body healing), to creating and maintaining excellence and peak performance (study skills, business applications, creative abilities, sports performance, peak states for everyday life).

How does it work?