Star Wars The Old Republic Review

Of course, if you’re more into swinging a saber or suiting up in plasteel heavy armor,Swtor Gold has interesting and well-written stories for you in those classes, too. BioWare’s hallmark has always been storytelling, and they have managed to merge high production value story scenes with MMO gameplay in a disturbingly compelling manner. Every character you interact also is fully voiced, from the main characters in your storyline to the lowly trooper who needs a hand killing ten enemy snipers in the field. This adds a tremendous amount to the game, and even members of the G4 staff who expected to skip through the cutscenes have found themselves watching every one of them. When your character needs to say something, a Mass Effect style choice wheel pops up and you choose the tone of the response, with the traditional KOTOR reward of Dark or Light Side points for specific choices. If you’re in a group of players, each player picks a response, and the game rolls a number for each player to determine who gets to actually speak in the cutscene.


The story and its presentation pulls you into the world in a way unlike any other MMO out there. While everyone who played World of Warcraft was attached to their characters because of the time put into them and their utility in the game, your SWTOR character are actually, well, characters. You don’t just care about what gear they’re wearing or what their crit chance is, you have a clear idea of who they are thanks to the storyline and your choices in it. When I play through a quest, I not only hope I get a good loot drop from the boss, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to my Agent from a narrative perspective, too.

As far as the actual gameplay, the old “WoW with lightsabers” chestnut manages to be both right and wrong. You do spend a lot of time killing a certain number of things or gathering a certain number of items, and WoW players will find a lot of familiar quest design here. However, the actual combat is different in that it does not use WoW’s queue system and auto-attacking. Each attack in SWTOR corresponds to a press of a button as it happens, and the result is a more action-oriented feel to the combat. It probably resembles City of Heroes/Villains more than anything else, but comparisons to other MMOs pretty much go out the window when your Sith Marauder is flying through the air about to bring his twin lightsabers down on a boss monster’s head